Facility Services for Western Canada

Superior Linen works with you to keep your business tidy and professional. Our line of towel/tissue and soap products are associated with our company statement “making your business sparkle.”
Hand Towel Dispensers
Tork Smart Solutions Center pull towel systems dispense towels easily with one hand. This is a highly absorbent, high capacity, center pull dispensing system. It is ideal for high traffic restrooms in office buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, public buildings, schools, workshops, and other environments where highly absorbent paper needs to be easily accessible. The system dispenses several different towels, all perforated for easy and convenient use.
Soap Dispensers
Soap dispensers help eliminate harmful bacteria and promote proper hygiene. Our soap dispensers work easily with one hand allowing for greater ease of use and fast cleaning capabilities. Plus, their large capacity and means they require less maintenance.